Version 0.19.0


Also we improved the documentation:

  • Added the logo (#831)

  • Added a Jupyter notebook for 10 min tutorial (#843)

  • Added the tutorial to the documentation (#853)

  • Add some examples for plot implementations in their docstrings (#847)

  • Move contribution guide to the official documentation site (#841)

Binder integration for the 10 min tutorial

You can run a live Jupyter notebook for 10 min tutorial from Binder.

Multi-index columns support

We continue improving multi-index columns support. We made the following APIs support multi-index columns:


We also continue adding plot APIs as follows:

For DataFrame:

Other new features and improvements

We added the following new features:





Along with the following improvements:

  • Add squeeze argument to read_csv (#812)

  • Raise a more helpful error for duplicated columns in Join (#820)

  • Issue with ks.merge to Series (#818)

  • Fix MultiIndex.to_pandas() and __repr__(). (#832)

  • Add unit and origin options for to_datetime (#839)

  • Fix on wrong error raise in DataFrame.fillna (#844)

  • Allow str and list in aggfunc in DataFrameGroupby.agg (#828)

  • Add index_col argument to to_koalas(). (#863)