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Quick StartΒΆ

Koalas requires Spark. You can install it using pip install pyspark or downloading the release.

After that, you install Koalas using pip:

$ pip install koalas

After installing Koalas, you import the Koalas package:

import databricks.koalas as ks

Then you can easily turn a pandas DataFrame into a Koalas DataFrame that is API-compliant with the former:

import pandas as pd
pdf = pd.DataFrame({'x':range(3), 'y':['a','b','b'], 'z':['a','b','b']})

# Create a Koalas DataFrame from pandas DataFrame
df = ks.from_pandas(pdf)

# Rename the columns
df.columns = ['x', 'y', 'z1']

# Do some operations in place:
df['x2'] = df.x * df.x

You can also create a Koalas DataFrame directly from a Python data structure:

import databricks.koalas as ks

ks.DataFrame({'x': [1, 2], 'y': [3, 4], 'z': [5, 6]})
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