Make a box plot of the Series columns.


Additional keyword arguments are documented in Koalas.Series.plot().

precision: scalar, default = 0.01

This argument is used by Koalas to compute approximate statistics for building a boxplot. Use smaller values to get more precise statistics (matplotlib-only).


Return an custom object when backend!=plotly. Return an ndarray when subplots=True (matplotlib-only).


There are behavior differences between Koalas and pandas.

  • Koalas computes approximate statistics - expect differences between pandas and Koalas boxplots, especially regarding 1st and 3rd quartiles.

  • The whis argument is only supported as a single number.

  • Koalas doesn’t support the following argument(s) (matplotlib-only).

    • bootstrap argument is not supported

    • autorange argument is not supported


Draw a box plot from a DataFrame with four columns of randomly generated data.

For Series:

>>> data = np.random.randn(25, 4)
>>> df = ks.DataFrame(data, columns=list('ABCD'))
>>> df['A']  

This is an unsupported function for DataFrame type